Love through all obstacles.

Follow one mother's 30 year journey discovering the joy that comes with acceptance.

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Sheila didn't have any idea of the journey that would await her and her son until Adam was six years old. That was in 1993.

But this story begins twenty years earlier when she was only seventeen years old, and long before she knew there would be a son named Adam. So begins the thirty-year adventure of the fascinating world of autism, a mysterious cognitive disorder that began when Adam was nineteen months old, long before the word autism became mainstream and acceptable.


From the earliest days when she knew "something was wrong," to helping Adam mature into a young man who lives independently with support, All the Adams in the World tells the thirty-year journey of confronting the obstacles, attitudes, and frustrations along with the love and joy that comes with acceptance.


Sheila and her son Adam

To parents and siblings - this book helps you know that you are not alone. 

To teachers and specialists - this book testifies to the significant and vital role you play in the lives of your students.

And to the medical community - Sheila and Adam's story provides an important reminder of how our doctors do not merely treat a patient, you are tending to an entire family.

All the Adams in the World is a memoir of experience, insight, and gratitude to the network of people who helped Adam become the man he is today.

Many people are asking me, "Sheila, how long did it take you to write this?" Ummmmm --- 31 years! How could I know where this journey would lead us when I had no compass or map that showed me how to navigate autism?

And what a journey it has been. 

I was not sure where to begin - and I certainly have no idea where it will end, however, what I have learned as a parent, advocate, conservator, teacher, mentor and friend allows me to understand how every moment of out journey needs to be shared with other families so that they know "YOU ARE NOT ALONE."

I am sharing our story to give you all of the information that I wish I had known 30 years ago - then again, what kind of journey would that be?  Adam and I have learned so much with and from each other. We are grateful to the hundreds of people who have been with us and we want to be here for you.​

Author Sheila Silver


Then and Now

Adam and his brother Josh

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An engrossing story about parental courage and advocacy

Sheila Silver has written a terrific account of her experiences with her son Adam who has autism. It is a wrenching, honest account of the fear and joy that accompany raising a child who responds differently to a world and school system that undervalues children who are not neurotypical but have amazing capacity to teach us so much about alternative outlooks. I have been lucky enough to have known Sheila for many years and she has been a friend, teacher and mentor. Thank you for sharing your story.

-Irwin Walot

Excellent read, beautiful book

A beautifully written memoir. This book is gentle, funny and fascinating. For any parent who has fought for their child's health and well-being, you'll find a friend in Sheila.


This book will change you

Written with love, humor, introspection, grief, frustration and pragmatism, this mother's journey with her son and his profound autism is both eye opening and endearing. Reading it you get insight into, as she says, the awe and the awful and even the awesome of the world of autism. You experience what might be routine in the world of a neurotypical child, such as a trip to the dentist, through the eyes of Adam and his mother. She takes us through the educational system with honesty and candor. And she takes us through the trials of his early adulthood and the process of conservatorship. By the end of the book you have fallen madly in love with both Mom and Adam.
As a retired teacher I wish that I had encountered this book early in my career to better understand the "real world" of an autistic child and their family. I highly recommend this book for teachers, parents, and family members of anyone with autism.

- Mark L. Friedman

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